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Average Border Collie Prices

How much is a Border Collie puppy? View up-to-date average prices of Border Collies currently for sale.

Border Collie average price


This includes all Border Collies currently for sale on the site, including Purebred, Crossbreeds, adults and puppies.

Average Border Collie puppy price


Looking for a puppy? We have lots of Border Collie puppies for sale, including 198 below the average price.

Average adult Border Collie price


Skip the puppy training and instead find a nice Adult Border Collie for sale, be sure to check out these 8 below the average price.

Border Collie price by location

Buying a dog isn't just about the initial cost; food, toys, medical care and of course your time and attention are all needed and add up on a monthly basis.

Disclaimer: The average prices displayed are taken from all of the classified listings currently on the site. We do not set the average prices manually, or suggest that any particular dog for sale is worth any more or less than any other. The value of a dog is personal to everyone, and includes many factors. The information on this page therefore should be used as a rough guide only.